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Rothesay Capital Partners was founded by Robert Gale to serve Atlantic Canadian businesses and has offices in Saint John, N.B. and Charlottetown, PEI.  Rothesay Capital Partners first investment was a trucking company with over 60 employees was facing foreclosure, RCP funded the turn around. Working with the owner and management we worked through the reorganization, the company continues to successfully operate today.

  RCP's core focus is to provide funding for companies that are in distress, ranging from cash flow issues, bank demands and pending bankruptcy.

   We understand great companies can find themselves in trouble. We look at a broad base of analytics, which includes more than the financial statement perspective. We see value in the owner(s) and management expertise in the occupied industry and work with them to harness the company’s strength’s for the turnaround.

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Rothesay Capital Partners core investments are in private lower middle market companies with 5 to 50 million in revenue and based in Atlantic Canada. We are not limited to or defined by industry or sector in our portfolio.
If the company can demonstrate a strong turnaround business case (we can help with that) we will review and put forward a finance proposal in line with the company and owners needs.
We work with the owner and his goals; we are bridge lender and exit after turn around. We save owners and their companies.

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The strategy at Rothesay Capital Partners is simple. We help companies and owners that are in distress, by providing funding solutions for a turnaround.
We invest in what we believe in, the owner, the management team and the business.
Rothesay Capital Partners looks at the present and plans for the future. We help companies through the hard times, stabilize the business and position it for growth
By helping the company unlock it’s true potential and value for the long game.
We invest in people and entrepreneurs that can get the job done.

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Rothesay Capital Partners is lead by Founder and CEO Robert Gale, having an extensive broad range of entrepreneurial experience throughout Atlantic Canada,

He has a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed.

  Rothesay Capital Partners has available a pool of experts available to draw from. Industry experts to professional services providers, we tailor the team to the project.



We believe in Entrepreneurship. We believe our role is a noble cause. When companies succeed, the region, communities, employees, families, suppliers and owners all benefit.
We believe there is a significant social impact to what we do, we are aware there is a unique ecosystem in Atlantic Canada  we identify with.


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Robert Gale has owned and operated more than a dozen companies throughout Atlantic Canada, at times, with as many as 200 personnel. The companies have
operated in areas ranging from food production, food service, hospitality, transportation, marine construction,
marina operations, retail, manufacturing and finance. He is currently the CEO of Rothesay Capital Partners, a business providing bridge financing to qualified
companies in specific circumstances. Robert is also the owner of the Charlottetown Marina and Peake’s Quay Marina in downtown Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Robert has had the advantage of having lived in all
four Atlantic provinces. He and his wife/ business partner of 28 years currently live between Saint John and Charlottetown. Robert's passion has always been creating and growing businesses through his direct involvement.


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When Rob asked me to write a testimonial, it took me some time to know where to begin. There is a book to be written just to make sense of the chronological chaos of the period of my life in which Rob was intimately involved. To encapsulate the depth of what Rob helped to transform in my business and consequently myself in a testimonial is only something I can attempt.

Entrepreneurs are some of the most misunderstood members of society. We are often outliers, living as silos, isolated by our own passion, living with the often true belief that we are alone. Life isn't simple as an entrepreneur, but while life is more complicated, your heart and mind are one and that is where simple counts.

Many of us consider our identities to be synonymous with our businesses. In our isolation, our passion can often overcome our intelligence. Any strength overplayed becomes a weakness. So whichever this case, whether it be ego, hubris, false confidence, having the wrong accountant, manager, financial structure or just not being good at everything, things go wrong in business. Strangely, insolvency, as common as it is, remains stigmatized and sorely misunderstood in our society.

What Rob understands, from a depth of experience, is that the entrepreneur is the business. It was my life we were dealing with, not just a business. When financial turmoil strikes, our judgement is clouded by passion and emotion. Rob guided me through what I can reflect on as the most rewarding and difficult part of my life. Everything that I thought defined me dissipated and I hit rock bottom, which ultimately is recognized in hindsight as a pot of old of wisdom. Rob was the steady hand that made sense of it all, but he did so with humility.

What had the greatest impact on me is that Rob not once shamed me or made me feel like I should be someone other than who I was. In my lowest moments, where I felt like I was a screw-up, Rob accepted and valued me for exactly the person that I am. He didn't always have all the answers, but he was always there. He was ready at a moment's notice to jump out of the airplane with me and figure out the parachute on the way down. And in the end, my business was saved, the jobs were saved, I didn't lose my house and I didn't even go bankrupt.

I am more than happy to be someone that can be contacted to speak on behalf of Rob and his business.

Dave Wolpin


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A company located in Saint John, N.B., Lenron Transportation services, specializing
in engineered transportation of heavy lift and loads operating throughout North
Lenron, expanded over the years to be a major player in the sector providing
services to large mining, power producers, oil industry and wind mill projects. As a
result of the downturn in these industries in the post 2008 financial crisis Lenron
was experiencing cash flow and profitability issues. Rothesay Capital Partners were
engaged by the owner to avoid the bank directed foreclosure that was about one
week away. Lenron had no runway left and engaged RCP to produce a solution.
Lenron could not service its debt or operational commitments. RCP stepped in and
provided debt relief from the creditors and provided operational funding. The
company was in the middle of a million dollar windmill project. In unison with the
client the project was completed.
Collaborating with the client, options where researched, exploring a number of
possible options to meet the clients criteria. Restructuring activities were put into
play along with exit strategies in tune with RCP and the owner’s needs.
Operations were kept intact while work was done. A like business operator was
engaged in discussions around a partnership or purchase. Ultimately a purchase
was agreed to. The company was kept intact and continues to operate today. The
time frame from rescue to sale was approximately 6 months. The client-avoided
bankruptcy of both the company and personally, while saving the 60 high paying
The client was pleased with the outcome. (See testimonial)


Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

Robert Gale

(506) 645-1402

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